11 Delicious Ways to Use Kimchi

ways to use kimchi

I recently shared my method and recipe for easy vegan kimchi. While I can eat anything fermented straight out of the jar, I know many people don’t enjoy the strong flavor as much. So, I’ve compiled a list of awesome ways to put that big jar of kimchi to use. Some of these I’ve tried and loved (like kimchi fried rice and deviled eggs) and some are on my list to make ASAP (kimchi pizza – yes please!).

This Kimchi Fried Rice from Bon Appétit is next level, but even basic fried rice is elevated with the addition of kimchi.


You can find many recipes for variations of kimchi soup, but I like this Chicken Kimchi Soup by Avocado Pesto  because it is super easy and you likely already have the ingredients on hand.

For a more authentic approach, there’s No Recipe’s Kimchi Jjigae (김치 찌개) with pork belly and tofu.

Kimchi Dressing using kimchi juice can spice up any salad (like this black rice asparagus pilaf) and add a healthy dose of probiotics.

Or incorporate whole kimchi into a salad like Sweet Potato Soul did in this Kale Kimchi Salad.

Can’t decide between kimchi or hummus to snack on? Combine them into Kimchi Hummus for the best of both worlds.

Add some tart spice to brussels sprouts with this side dish from Serious Eats.

Boost your morning with a Kimchi Bloody Mary.

Reinvent an old favorite like these beautiful Miso Kimchi Deviled Eggs.

Kick up your pizza a notch by topping it with kimchi like KimchiChick did here.

Or, make the dish that started my love affair with kimchi, Kimchi Fries with this recipe from Brooklyn Supper.

Have you tried any of these recipes? What’s your favorite way to use kimchi?



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